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Category is indicative for level of knowledge imparted during the course. Courses and its content are designed, considering experience level and expertise of target audiences.

The years of experience are only indicative of work done in related field and does not truly imply to the total professional experience. Hence it remains open to learning enthusiast at any age group who are willing to learn from the course.

Continual Education Program (CEP): These are advanced courses for built environmental professionals from various backgrounds (architecture, engineering, construction etc.) who are already working in the field related to course for 3+ years. It is expected that participants have working knowledge of the topic and will benefit from advance information offered in the course.

Finishing School Program (FSP): These are courses for beginner level in the field related to the course; ranging from no experience or up to 3 years of experience. The courses are open for participants from built environment having academic knowledge of the topic and will benefit in getting exposure to working knowledge through the course.

Academic Training Program (ATP): These are especially for students who are still pursuing their professional studies and courses are aligned with academic curriculum; sometimes in collaboration with institutes. The course content exposes students to understanding practical issues that they would face after graduation. The student will benefit with interaction with practicing professionals thought the program.

Architecture Profession Orientation Program (AOP): These courses are for students aspiring to become architects. The content introduces participants to the profession of architecture and helps them make informed decision towards their career choice.

As the courses deal with building design, engineering and construction. It is expected that participants are able to read basic technical drawings and have general knowledge of built environment vocabulary. This requirement is not needed for Architecture Orientation Program courses.

The time specified against participant engagement for each course, is approximate time the participant will be spending for completing the assignments and exercises given during the course to get substantial understanding and benefit from the course. This is in addition to the sessions conducted for the course.

It is important to login and be present on-line during the session time specified for each course. The mentors will be conducting the lectures and will be interacting with the participants. These sessions will not be repeated for any participant who remains absent for the session. However, in case of a valid reason for being absent, the participant might be given access to the recording of the session, on total discretion of mentor or course conductor.

Once you have paid the course fees, you are eligible to attend all the sessions. Links for attending each session will be emailed to you at your registered email id prior to the specified time and date. You can attend the sessions from any device connected to internet and convenient to you. We urge all participants to choose a disturbance free ambience and maintain the etiquettes of online sessions for the benefit of mentors and other participants.

You can specify your course name, number along with your name and email your query to help@alternateangle.academy and our course coordinator will make sure that the mentors will address your query during the sessions or via email.

A link or location will be shared with your during the course where you will upload your documents.

If the course of your interest is featured in upcoming courses section, that means that the exact schedule of the course is yet to be announced. You can write about your interest in course at help@alternateangle.academy and we will get in touch with you once the schedule for the course is announced.

You have to write to help@alternateangle.academy requesting cancellation of registration. You will get refunded for the cancelled course after deduction of due processing charges and will receive email in this regard. The course will then be removed from your account.

Yes, you will be getting certificate after successful completion of the course issued by Alternate Angle Academy.

All participants who enrol for the course and attend at least 80% of the sessions are eligible for certificate of participation. The certificate of completion is given only to participants who completed all the assignments given to them during the course and to the satisfaction of mentor. The decision of mentor is deemed as final for this decision.